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We are the future of sustainable packaging

Join our mission to replace single-use plastics globally!

Fun facts about us

We are

Coworkers 🤓

Average age 💚

Ton single-use plastic to be replaced with Dry Molded Fiber by 2025 👊

Our Core Values

Intuitively shaped by the people we are

  • CARE

    It was the care about our planet that set us out on the mission to replace single-use plastics. It is the care about each other and the team we are that will make us achieve it


    Sharing is hard-wired into our business DNA. The whole idea of PulPac is to share our innovation and know-how with the ones who want to join us on our mission.

  • DARE

    Dare is our approach to innovation and engineering. We dare to question what others might not. We dare to try – and try again. That is how we invented the first new fiber molding technology in more than 100 years. And that is how we will continue to revolutionize packaging innovation.

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